i was an itern at necliodean bt then i foun with goat simulator written on it i decided to bring the cd to my home to see the content at first i saw a picture of two goat with the word goat simulator on it and it was written in comic sans.there were also 3 option and they were also in comic sans, i treid to click on secret spooky thing but the game said cant now

Téléchargement (2)

so i clicked on plya and i was a goat with mario's head and i was in a boootyful hotel and the music was the sound of silence

but then evil patrixxx apeared and he turned into a super sayan god and he killled me.and then a picture of demon obama appeared.

Rood d00d

after that i was i was in greenhill zone and the music was get lucky and my character was deadpool and i decided to shoot at tree

but a goomba with hand poppped out but i managed to noscope at


after that the game said

you did one quest you must do 2 more quest to find the secret

Sans titre.pbbdfgddfgh-0
Sans titre.pbbdfgddfgh
Sans titre.pbbdfgddfgh-1

after that i was in a desert and my character was sonic and the sky was purple and pink guy from filthy frank was in the sky but he looked likee a ddemon and the quest was to kill the dragon so i decided to find the dragon but it was very hard because of all the enemies,this is a list of the enemies:evil dog,evil wolf,evil cat,koopa troopa,ghost,skeleton,evil potato,japanese giant hornet,green dolphin and goomba.but then evil patrixx came out of my screen and he killed me and i was dead.

the end

Sans titre
Sans titre

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